End of Summer Rug Special – Discount Code

There are many rug vendors offering a wide variety of product – some high quality, others, not so much. LOLOI RUGS is an award winning producer of a full range of area rugs in all styles at reasonable price points.

So, we are excited to bring you additional savings on their entire line of collections, now through Labor Day. Just use the coupon code LOLOI20 when you check out (at the 2nd step) to get the extra discount.

You are sure to find the right style for all your spaces, and with a unique rug for each, your home is sure to be a haven for relaxing time with family and friends. Here are just a dozen of the hundreds available at nwrugs.com

The Yorkshire Collection is a hand tufted area rug made of semi-worsted New Zealand wool. It combines with deep rich color and semi-traditional designs to create unparalleled beauty. Available Sizes: (3.6 x 5.6) (5 x 7.6) (7.10 x 11) (9.3 x 13) (7.10 Round) (12 x 15)

If you favor florals there are several, from bold to subtle, that bring the garden inside. If your lifestyle is fresh, spirited and informal, the intricately hand-hooked Francesca Collection is for you. The Francesca Collection: Available Sizes(2.3 x 3.9) (3.6 x 5.6) (5 x 7.6) (3 round) (7.6 x 9.6)

And in between these two, traditional and floral, you have the Empress Collection – a transitional style combining elements from the past with colors and patterns geared for modern times. 100% jute hand-knotted construction reimagined in more versatile transitional designs. Each piece offers a thick-bodied pile, chunky knots, and beautifully saturated colors. Available Sizes: (2 x 3)(5.6 x 8.6)(7.9 x 9.9)(8.6 x 11.6)(9.6 x 13.6)(12 x 15)

Switching gears to things more modern and graphic, Loloi also offers many collections to suit those style preferences. Whether it be stripes, lattice patterns, or line graphics, the variety available is comprehensive. Here are a few that fit the bill nicely.

You can’t go wrong with a stripe. Stripes add dimension and can also make a room appear wider if placed strategically. They are perfect for kids’ rooms. Distinguished by its incredibly soft microfiber polyester surface and playful geometric and linear designs, the machine woven Piper Collection (above) instantly livens up any kid’s room with a decidedly youthful look. Available Sizes: (2×3)(3×5)(5×7).

 And you can never go wrong with an animal print!

Solids and solids with a little something extra are universally good choices, especially if there is a major focal point that the rug can support. These three offer a perfect complement and will act well in a supporting role in the decor scheme.

Dress up your floor with the fashionable Stella Collection (above) from India. Stella cleverly integrates refurbished sari silk dresses with looped wool for an overall look that’s striking as a model on the runway. And with several gorgeous color choices to choose from, it’s easy to find the piece that matches your style. Available Sizes(3.6 x 5.6)(5 x 7.6)(7.6 x 9.6)(9.3 x 13)

Giselle (below) is hand knotted entirely of refurbished sari silks from India. Each design reverberates in stunning colors like ruby red and sapphire blue that make for an incredibly vibrant collection, ideal for contemporary to transitional interiors. Available Sizes: (4×6)(5.6 x 8.6)(7.9 x 9.9)(8.6 x 11.6)(9.6 x 13.6)

For decades Moroccan style rugs (Ben Ourain) have graced some of the most fashionable homes, because they are timeless and work in any type of decor style. The Sahara Collection (below) updates living areas with a fresh take on nomadic, Moroccan inspired rugs. Sahara is hand knotted with two different fibers – jute and wool – the later forms the ethnic patterns in each design. Available in traditional off-whites and gorgeous blues. Available Sizes: (4 x 6)(5.6 x 8.6)(7.9 x 9.9)(8.6 x 11.6)(9.6 x 13.6)

Finally, but certainly not the end of all that LOLOI RUGS has to offer, we are all familiar with the uplift a good line graphic rug can give a space. You won’t be disappointed with the selection available for you.

With bold patterns and fun color options, Felix (below) is an ideal collection for any modern interior. These simple, geometric designs are printed in India onto an all-cotton surface, creating a look that’s casual but still eye-catching. Available Sizes: (2.3 x 3.9)(3.6 x 5.6)(5 x 7.6)(7.6 x 9.6)

We have only scratched the surface here with just a handful of choices at NW RUGS – and only from one vendor. Loloi rugs are a customer and designer favorite because of the high quality, great price point and consistent availability. And now, they are an even better choice when you take an EXTRA 20% OFF now until Labor Day. Visit any showroom, or shop conveniently online 24/7. FREE SHIPPING!


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