Go For The BOLD – Colorful Rugs for Modern Living

Everyone says the easiest way to give a room a style lift or makeover is to paint. Yes, that is a good way, but sometimes it is not the best or most appropriate solution. If you are a renter, you may be limited in the colors you can use. If you are hesitant of using bold colors in your interior design, you may be too shy to go for broke and paint a whole room shocking pink. And of course, there IS all the prep and mess of painting (not my favorite chore). Solution: A bold, fresh, modern area rug!   tqAYnm_full2   Perhaps this “ice cream cone” geometric pattern would work nicely here to liven things up a skosh. :   2b4e4430288cabeefeb3c3c0d760272c   Or, it could be the finishing touch on this little dining area.   e74e5c2691b1e81b5e3c65fcf4ff174b   Here are a few more room and rug combos. Which are you drawn too most?   f59397a18da1aa08893f7f2b6ba6b60c   Everything goes with gray!   RVH79O_full2PJDZFc_full24dc8e0b3fb83771f5b55380f03a5df67FR5qcg_full2 All of these color palettes are for Sherwin Williams paints.   5tySxM_full247092d1029c5a770eac8ce58264f96a7 This last one would surely be an early morning eye opener while getting caffeinated for work. Granted, this last one might be a bit much, but imagine if they didn’t have the orange banquette cover. 7fGuuH_full2   I will confess that I am no fan of painting and more often than not hire that out. If I can avoid it I do – so many other options available to create interest and vitality. So, if you are not going to paint, perhaps a rug like one of these is the way to go.   We always like to hear your thoughts and opinions, so do not hesitate to share below. Or, if you have a question, ask. We’re here to help in any way we can to make your home as beautiful and comfortable as possible.


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