The Color Pink Represents Nurturing and Love – 7 Rugs Bring It Home

Perhaps the reason many women respond so fondly to the color pink is because it relates to unconditional love and understanding. Pink is intuitive and insightful and in color psychology it is a sign of hope.


We’ve combed our collections and selected seven pink area rugs that will surely bring this nurturing energy to your living space. See any that would work well in your home?

A Soft pink patchwork area rug nwrugs

A Pale Patchwork

Go with bold pink and orange stripes area rug nwrugs

Go BOLD With Chevron Stripes

Who wouldn't love a pink shag rug for the bedroom or living room nwrugs

Perfect Pink Shag

Pink graphic floral area rug nwrugs

Cheerful Graphic Floral

A pink and brown floral area rug nwrugs

Subtle But Not Shy

Ikat inspired pink area rug nwrugs

Ikat Inspired

A solid pink rug with orange accents nwrugs

A Stenciled Look Solid

Pink calms emotional energy as it lascks any agression or anger. Perfect for a relaxing space to rest and rejuevenate. An area rug is a perfect way to bring this calming color into your life without overwhelming it with painted walls. Which is your favorite from this selection?


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