Decorating Your Porch and Outdoor Living Spaces

“Never underestimate the power of a rug. Indoor/outdoor rugs in vibrant colors and patterns can make even the simplest of porches look magazine ready.”  ~ KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farm

nwrugs-area-rugs-indoor-outdoor-summer-porch-decorating--jaipur-Coastal Living I-O CI20 Dream Blue

Whether you have a porch, pool, or patio, take advantage of the warm weather by giving it a decor boost with a colorful indoor outdoor area rug. Here is a selection our Jantzen Beach Design Consultant, Memet Ertas, picked as favorites. 

nwrugs-area-rugs-indoor-outdoor-summer-porch-decorating--jaipur-Grant Design I-O GD17 Sky Blue

nwrugs-area-rugs-indoor-outdoor-summer-porch-decorating-jaipur-Coastal Living I-O CI09 White

Go with a gardening theme or a bold floral. “You can never go wrong with stripes,” says Memet. He adds, “There are so many wonderful color combinations and variations – And remember that stripes can widen or elongate a small space like a porch, so it’s a great option.”

nwrugs-area-rugs-indoor-outdoor-summer-porch-decorating-jaipur-Colours CO01 Lime Green

nwrugs-area-rugs-indoor-outdoor-summer-porch-decorating--jaipur-Coastal Living(R) I-O CI18 Dark Ivory

nwrugs-area-rugs-indoor-outdoor-summer-porch-decorating-jaipur-Colours CO01 Lime Green

nwrugs-area-rugs-indoor-outdoor-summer-porch-decorating-jaipur-Coastal Living I-O CI09 Whitenwrugs-area-rugs-indoor-outdoor-summer-porch-decorating--jaipur-Coastal Living(R) I-O CI18 Dark Ivory

Just like they do indoors, a rug helps to unify a space. You can pull your entire color scheme from the rug or pull all the colors you already have together with the rug – “It’s a win-win either way!”

nwrugs-area-rugs-indoor-outdoor-summer-porch-decorating-jipur-Colours CO10 Antique White

The options are endless. Imagine how welcomed guests will feel as they step up onto your porch. Not to mention how happy the family will be to hang out together in an outdoor living room.


Be sure to check out our post “What to Look for When Purchasing An Indoor/Outdoor Rug” for some excellent tips!

What style of indoor outdoor rug would you pick for your outdoor space… modern, floral, stripes? Share you ideas in the comments below.


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