The Calming Effect of Soft Blue – Area Rugs for the Bedroom

Did you know that blue hues slow your heart rate? That is why blue makes a perfect choice for a bedroom for a great night’s sleep!

Our newest designer, Hamid Karimi, picked a few rugs from our large collection that would work beautifully. There’s floral….

Giselle 03MY by Loloi
Zen 2CBT by Momeni

There are so many wonderful hues and shades of blue that any one of them will get you relaxed and ready for a sweet night’s slumber. Perhaps stripes or a patchwork style rug? Simple graphic rugs bring a bit of sophistication, a little bit of the boutique hotel look…

Piper 13BB by Loloi
AVANTI 03BB by Loloi
Gramercy 01DNM by Momeni


Which one fits your style? If you bring your color chips, fabric swatches, etc. with you to the showroom, the NW Rugs design consultants can help you pick a rug perfect for your bedroom. 






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