Gray Is Far From Ordinary Especially When Decorating With These Rugs

Hadley Court (@Hadley_Court) posted a great blog about using gray in your home and it inspired us to pull together a selection of gray area rugs suitable for any decor style. She says, “Grey is the new neutral that has taken the place of beige.”

Here are 10 rugs  (just a few of many available). Which one inspires you the most?

Brio Charcoal and Mustard

     Brio Charcoal and Mustard

Court continues, “”Grey is the perfect playmate to pair with an array of colors; yellow, orange, green and brown to name a few….  Grey has grown in popularity because consumers crave grown-up hues that lend sophistication to a room”  This one is perfect for a mid-century decor scheme with all the “Mad Men” colors.

nwrugs rugs gray shag contemporary traditional large interior design portland los angeles

Modern Stained Glass

Or how about an animal print by Barclay Butera? Click here for a great post with tips for working animal prints into your design.



Or perhaps an Ikat inspired piece by Jaipur Rugs?


Brio by Jaipur

Bold graphic designs are a great way to bring visual interest to an otherwise neutral color scheme.


Textured Graphic

And if you are a fan of a floral motif, try this one from Nourison.


Illusions Floral

If you are wanting to keep it solid a shag is a great way to do that while also adding some plush texture. (Here’s a great guide for cleaning shag rugs.)


Gray Shag

This choice from Loloi is a happy medium between bold and monochromatic.


Francesca Mist

No matter what your style or color scheme a rug is a great way to ground it while also adding some panache. Hadley wisely reminds us that “The sublime color isn’t just for living rooms and bedrooms anymore, grey has shown a dramatic increase in popularity in the kitchen and bath.”

Bring your color chips, fabric swatches and measurements to any NW Rugs Showroom and we’ll help you select the perfect rug for your home from our huge selection of 2000 plus rugs in each store. Or you can always start your search on our website Click here for a link to our list for Gray Rugs.


8 thoughts on “Gray Is Far From Ordinary Especially When Decorating With These Rugs

  1. Illusions Floral or Francesca Mist, I think. It would depend on the kind of furniture in the room and the color of the walls.

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