A Fine Silk Rug That Shows True Artistry and Skill

We love it when a client asks us to do a search for a truly special rug. This client is looking to add to their collection of fine hand knotted silk rugs. The one featured here is an excellent example of such a rug and is indeed worthy of any rug collection.


All Silk Hand Knotted Rug 5.1 x 8.4

The design appears to be a Bhaktiari design, however, historically, due to its age, it is really a Tabriz rug.


Bhaktiari rugs often have panels with pictographs that represent the four seasons, both in color and imagery.


The design first appeared in Tabriz and then was adopted by others throughout the rug making regions of the world. That is when it became known as Bhaktiari.


Border (detail)

The level of craftsmanship is superb. Notice all the fine detailing and the number of colors included in this all silk hand knotted rug.


Detail of the back of the rug

Notice how tightly the silk threads are knotted. The more knots and the tighter the weave the more crisp the design appears.



Patterns are usually floral or garden inspired. The Khesti, an established garden motif is perhaps the most well-known rug design. The carpet is divided into individual squares with animals and plants acting as symbols. Another influential design features a decorated field with lattice designs and floral ornaments.



 The best carpets with the highest knot density are often known as Bibibaff. Prices range considerably with the highest knot density rugs generally being the most expensive, but criteria such as dyes and pattern factor in.



Visit any NW Rugs Showroom to view similarly fine hand knotted silk rugs. They are more often used as wall hangings or as  decorative accents, say draping a piano.


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