Design Tip: Adding Texture to a Room With Area Rugs

Rugs are more than something to look at. Textured rugs can be cozy and fluffy or tough and durable.


A crucial but often overlooked component of interior design is texture: you can have the most beautiful décor in the world, but if it strikes the same visual tone throughout, it can feel flat.

Healthy servings of texture and mixed materials satiate the need for depth and interest in room designs,


A Timeless Texture – SHAG

Playing with a variety of textures is an easy way to create contrast in a room.


Sculpted Stripes

Textures and materials can really define tone and personality.


Raised Pile Floral

Rough textures are often suited to a more casual, rustic or country feel in an interior design scheme.


Seamed Flatweave Patchwok

Rough and smooth textures look great combined together – as well as with each other.


Softer Hued Patchwork Flatweave

Texture can bring a touch of luxury, substance and interest, to an otherwise, nicely done, but flat and boring home decorating scheme. Just like the texture detail of this shoe adds interest, a textured rug will do the same for your floor and overall design scheme.


It’s All in the Details

Use plenty of texture if you are decorating in one color – especially white.


Metallic Shag

Texture is another way to show your own personality, a way to provide a hint into what makes you interesting.


A Modern Sculpted Floral

Or go bold with color AND texture


A Burst of Color and Texture

Best advice of all (Rosemarie diSalvo)   “A throw rug instantly defines a space,” says diSalvo, noting that natural wood flooring is always beautiful, but looks far better with the layered, textured effect a throw rug lends. She suggests choosing a rug in a material that’s as natural as the wood itself, like wool, which could provide insulation and cut utility costs.


Visual Variety by Layering Texture

Texture is one more opportunity to bring visual interest to your rooms. Our team can guide you to the perfect rug for your home. Visit one of our showrooms today – We’d love to help get your rooms ready for Spring!



13 thoughts on “Design Tip: Adding Texture to a Room With Area Rugs

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  2. Thanks for asking, Susan.
    It is available in our showrooms and online.
    I added another photo at the bottom of this post and it links to the rug on . The photo online doesn’t reflect the actual texture well, but it is the same rug. Antony and I double checked to make sure. If you would like, Antony in our showroom can help you 503-682-7847 with any questions or with ordering. Let me know if you need further assistance. Thank you.

  3. Where can I find the rug shown with the man’s shoe on it?

  4. Go ahead and click the photo and it will take you to the source. We have them in most of our showrooms too. Are you in PDX, LAX or LAS? What size are you looking for? It also comes in other colors. Let me know how I can help you. Thanks. Omar 503-682-7847

  5. where can I find that Light Hued patchwork flatweave rug that is featured in the articel????

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  8. Awesome Post! I love area rugs because you can change the look and feel of the room by adding or changing the rug design! Thank you for sharing!

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