NW Rugs Rug Identification Service – Solve Your Rug Mystery

Do you have a hand knotted rug that you have always wondered about its origins and design? NW Rugs can help. You may have purchased your rug at a rug store but don’t recall the name of the rug.

Did you find a beautiful rug at a garage sale or second hand shop? Or perhaps you inherited a rug from a cherished relative. Every so often, while sitting on the sofa, you look down and think, “I wonder where this rug came from originally?,” or “What is the name of that design?”

nwrugs tribal tradtional rugs

And if it is a tribal style rug with pictographs, “Hmmmm, what does that little design mean?”

nwrugs tribal rug detail

Design elements with meanings

You can learn about the color meanings of Persian rugs by clicking here: https://loveofrugs.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/guide-to-the-meanings-given-to-colors-in-persian-area-rugs/

And click here to see specific meanings attributed to common rug design elements: https://loveofrugs.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/meaning-of-persian-rug-symbols/

“But what about the name of the overall design of my rug? Can you tell me where it was made?”

NW Rugs has just the right person to help you solve that mystery. Shervin Sotudeh, our Wilsonville showroom manager, is one of our most qualified and knowledgeable rug experts. His family has been weaving and selling rugs for more than three hundred years. Each generation passed their accumulated knowledge and expertise down to the next. Now, with all this great technology at our fingertips, Shervin and NW Rugs are pleased to share the knowledge with you.

We have set up a way for you to learn more about your rug. It’s really simple:

eMail three (3) photos of your rug to nwrugsblog@nwrugs.com


One picture of the whole rug: This way Shervin can see the overall design.

nw rugs tribal traditional rugs

One detail picture: With this Shervin will get a closer look at the way the detail is “drawn”

nwrugs traditional tribal rugs

And one picture of the back of one corner of the rug: This is very important. Shervin needs to look at the knots to see how they are tied and the density of them.

nwrugs tribal traditional rugs

He will be looking at the colors and many other factors to get the best sense of the rug he can from your pictures. The crisper and truer to the real colors the better.

Also, tell us anything you know about the rug. A big part of “generational” rugs is the story that is attached to the rug. And, who doesn’t like a story about finding a great rug at a flea market or sidewalk sale. We’ve all seen Antiques Roadshow, right?

We will eMail you back Shervin’s assessment. Note, without seeing the rug in person, it can sometimes be challenging to get exact location of origin and dates. Also, we are not appraising the rugs for monetary value, only design name, perhaps location where it was made, and maybe even a general sense of when it was made.

We will also post some of the rugs and stories on Facebook as our fans there love these sorts of things. Our Facebook timeline is chock full of rug info, interior design tips, favorite recipes, and tons of inspiration for your home. Be sure to visit us there and Click the page LIKE button too!


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