The Anatolian “Secret of Kilim” Rug Weaving Tradition [VIDEO]

This is a wonderful video that reveals the deep cultural roots and familial associations that make up the living history of Kilim rug weaving in Anatolia.

Flattweave kilim rug

Flattweave kilim rug

“One of the most common handcrafts in Anatolia is the traditional flat rug weaving, widely known as “kilim”. But could a woven symbol which a rural woman interprets as “a tired lady trying to ease her back pain” or “a motif denoting pregnancy” have originated from the one and only female deity the Neolithic people of Catalhoyuk in Anatolia drew on cave walls to trigger luck for a good harvesting season, to celebrate fertility and pr0creation – The Mother Goddess?”

You can see kilim style rugs at any NW Rugs showroom, along with hundreds of other marvelously intricate and beautiful hand knotted area rugs.

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