Contemporary Design

“Contemporary style is marked by minimal ornamentation, cutting edge materials and fresh interpretations of traditional forms. Contemporary style differs from Modern style, which is marked by a certain period of time, such as mid-century modern of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. Whatever is the current edge of design falls within contemporary and it is continually changing and evolving as time and design moves forward.”

“Early designers in the Contemporary style include Sir Terence Conran, Philippe Starck and Michael Graves.” These famous designers create mass produced product lines so we can all get the newest trends for our home. “Michael Graves, the contemporary architect, designs products for the home, including his breakthrough collection for Target that brought good design to the masses.”

“Contemporary living spaces have innovative designs and employ new materials in simple ways so the design is the star. Clean and uncluttered spaces feel more contemporary. Trends in contemporary products include plastics, resins, LED lighting, cardboard, wood laminates and industrial chic materials like reclaimed woods and metals.”

Thanks to Design Shuffle for this great post on contemporary design

Here are some great rugs that fit today’s contemporary trends:

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