Reintroducing a Luxury Fiber to a Changing World

New Zealand wool is a sustainable natural fiber with outstanding beauty, performance, maintenance and health benefits.

Today’s discerning consumers are looking for more than superior quality. Increasingly, they are seeking authentic, natural products imbued with integrity and sustainability.

NW Rugs offers several collections created using New Zealand wool, which is universally considered one of the finest in the world. We believe our clients appreciate our commitment to bringing the best products available to the market.

Reintroducing a Luxury Fiber to a Changing World

Integrity: New Zealand wool is grown in open pastureland following sustainable land use and animal friendly practices, resulting in fiber that is natural, renewable and biodegradable.

Health: New Zealand wool is non-allergenic and its natural properties provide inherent fire resistance, air purification and moisture control, creating an exceptionally safe and healthy indoor environment.

Comfort: New Zealand wool’s natural insulating properties result from wool’s unique biological structure, thereby reducing heat loss, condensation and noise levels to create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance.

Beauty: New Zealand wool’s superior quality enables extensive design, color and pattern flexibility, while wool’s natural ability to shrug off dirt and spring back into shape after crushing ensures long lasting good looks to complement and enhance any room setting.


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