Arts & Crafts Style

Arts and Crafts interior elements feature prominent straight lines and a lack of excessive embellishment seen in some other traditional and classic styles. The careful craftsmanship of materials often provides a hint of native culture, particularly in the Mission Style variation which gives a nod to Spanish influence.

Geometric forms of stained glass-like mica establish a strong sense of Arts and Crafts when used for lamp shades, windows or panel inserts in cabinetry. Arts and Crafts style interior design revolves around finely crafted furniture and interior features – usually of wood.

This style is versatile enough to work within a traditional or transitional environment.

Bungawa Ac_houseDickens_house100   Arts-crafts-style
Picture-411  Interior_stone_walls

Style Tips:

• Look for wooden furniture featuring a series of square, vertical slats and simple construction.

• Consider an area rug or an accent fabric with a native, southwestern motif. It works well with this style.
Also, traditional rug designs work well as a bit of contrast to the somewhat austere feel of this popular design style. Use the more rustic, thickly knotted rugs rather than the finer ones. The Tahoe, Sedona, Soumak & Kharma collections offer good choices.

• Choose a brown based color palette for the more authentic look of Arts and Crafts, or opt for a more contemporary color scheme to convey a less literal look – like the bedroom shown here.

• Add Tiffany style lamps, especially those with pyramidal or rectilinear shades.

126sd09 126sd10 126sd12
Images           Tiffany-lamp


The Arts and Crafts color scheme contained harmonious tones that reflect the subtlety of nature. Stay away from bright primary colors and pastels. Dusty hues are fine, as are muted colors. My own preference is to use vegetables and stone as my color sources: mustard, zucchini, squash, eggplant, as well as limestone, sandstone, feldspar and the various blue-grays and browns of river rock. Go on a little nature hunt and collect things with colors you like, choose your palette and take them to the paint store and ask them to make paint of the same color
Sphinx-kharma_450g  Kharma-ii-1508z

Su_hand-knotted_wool_270 Tahoeta12rustorientalrug

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