Hadji Jalili Revivals (HJR)

The Hadji Jalili workshops were world renowned for producing impeccable Tabriz carpets during the latter part of the 19th Century and into the first quarter of the 20th Century. Their workshops were located in Tabriz, Northwest Iran, and produced fine quality rugs that were characterized by exceptional workmanship. Because of their importance, these rugs were primarily woven for prominent families and elite institutions.

Quality of weave and texture, uniqueness of color, and originality of design are synonymous with Hadji Jalili Pieces. Aesthetically, these carpets are rated among the best on the market. The original Hadji Jalili Tabriz carpets are highly sought by international antique dealers and collectors. Due to the scarcity of these timeless carpets, especially in large sizes, they can command a price into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Co-founded by the great-grandson of Masterweaver Hadji Jalili, HJR have revived the Hadji Jalili Tabriz carpets of yesteryear. For over five years, they have dedicated themselves to creating carpets as close to the original Hadji Jalili masterpieces as artistically possible. Accuracy in the weave, the use of signature colors, precision of scale and design have all contributed to the success of this production.

The custom capabilities are endless. Virtually any size, shape, color and design can be produced to exact specifications, including oversized carpets and pieces of unusual dimensions. Hadji Jalili Revivals have created world class carpets that will be the collectible antique of the future, while honoring the original productions.

Key Characteristics of Hadji Jalili Revivals

Only the finest blend of Persian wool is used in the hand weaving of these carpets. Great care has gone into this production to capture the essence of the original carpets but also to suit today’s market. The combination of the special weaving technique of the Indian weavers, the hand twisting of the yarn and the choice of Persian highland wool guarantee durability and resilience. These rugs are a beautiful enhancement to any residential setting and are exceptional when displayed in commercial and hospitality settings.

Sizes: 4′ x 10′ 5′ x 7′ 6′ x 9′ 5′ x 12′ 8′ x 10′ 9′ x 12′ 10′ x 14′ 12′ x 15′ 12′ x 18′ 13′ x 17′ 14′ x 17′ 14′ x 19′ 15′ x 20′ 14′ x 22′ 15′ x 22′ 15′ x 24′


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